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Colonial Children Playing GamesIn the fall of 1993, funding was cut back for all Maryland state parks.  Many of the local parks in Washington County were closed.  The staff and budget of Fort Frederick State Park was reduced making the purchase of needed materials and continuation of many of the park’s programs difficult.   Local Park Managers contacted interested citizens and history enthusiasts for their assistance in raising the funds needed to allow parks to continue programs and reopen parks that had closed.   The various citizens groups thus formed became known as “Friends” of the respective parks.   Through their efforts, parks could continue to offer their programs and closed parks were reopened for the public to enjoy once again.

The Friends of Fort Frederick State Park met for the first time as a result of this plea for help.  This group, composed of local and out of state members, helped meet the park’s needs at that time and continues their mission to aid the park by sponsoring associated activities and by contributing financially to help meet historical, cultural and operational needs.   They support programs designed to increase public awareness of Fort Frederick’s historical role and the park’s natural resources.  They have assisted with refurbishing the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum and other buildings in the park and have participated in several archeological programs.  In 1994, the Friends of Fort Frederick published their first book relating to Fort Frederick, titled ‘Tonoloway Fort (Stoddert's Fort at the Tonoloways): Outpost on the Maryland Frontier’   by Gerald Sword.

The ‘Friends of Fort Frederick State Park’ organization is always looking for new members to join us in helping keep our heritage alive.  Membership is open to anyone, regardless of state of residence, who is interested in contributing to the preservation and interpretation of this historic site.    Please complete the application below and return with the appropriate dues and/or donation.  Thank you!

General membership meetings are held at the Fort Frederick Visitors Center every month on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00pm.  Special general meetings may be called prior to certain events.

Membership Application (in MS Word)

Membership Application (in Adobe PDF)


The Friends of Fort Frederick State Park contributes support to the park by sponsoring educational activities and programs throughout the year, as well as contributing financially to support the park's historical, cultural and administrative needs. Those interested in joining their efforts may contact:

The Friends of Fort Frederick
11115 Fort Frederick Road
Big Pool MD 21711

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