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Friends of Fort Frederick State Park  
Sutlers at Fort Frederick

The Fort Frederick Market Fair
2015 Sutlers List (final update)

(Not in Alphabetical Order) Updated 3/29/15

Sutler Name
Bethlehem Trading Post www.bethlehemtradingpost.com
Burnley & Trowbridge Co. www.burnleyandtrowbridge.com
Daniel Hrinko, Boxmaker www.danielhrinkoboxmaker.com
Early American Tin Lighting www.earlyamericantin.com/
K. Walters At the Sign of the Gray Horse kwaltersatthesignofthegrayhorse.blogspot.com
Kennedy Redware Kennedyredwarepottery.com
Northwest Traders Inc. www.nwtrader.com
Three Rivers Silver Smith  
Beaver River Trading Co. www.beaverrivertradingco.com/
'96 District Fabrics www.96storehouse.com
Americana Floorcloths www.americanafloorcloths.com
Brian Anderson Blacksmith/Occasional Specialties  
Bushnell Bottle Company  
Cobb Creek www.cobbcreek.com
Craftsman to the Past www.markthomas-graver.com
Fashions Revisited www.fashionsrevisited.com
Father, Son & Friends www.fathersonandfriends.com
Fort Augusta Woodworking  
Gen-Nis-He-Yo Trading Co. www.gennisheyotrading.com
Grandma's Soap and Stuff grandmassoapandstuff.com
Historical Enterprises www.muzzleloadermagazine.com
Kentucky Leather and Hides www.kentuckyleatherandhides.com
Matthew Stein Woodworker www.matthewstein.com
Seneca Creek Joinery www.woodsurgeon.com
Smiling Fox Forge, LLC www.smilingfoxforgellc.com
Smoke and Fire Co. www.smoke-fire.com
Steinhagen Pottery www.steinhagenpottery.com
Stitchers' Cabin  
Tim William's Flintlocks www.williamsflintlocks.com
Turkey Roost Traders Facebook - Turkey Roost Traders
Wm Booth Draper www.wmboothdraper.com
Woods Unlimited www.woodsunltd.com
XX Trade Silver www.xxtradesilver.com
Zettlemoyer Pottery zettlemoyerpottery.com
Daniel Boone of Kentucky, LLC www.danielbooneofkentucky.com
From Common Hands Studio www.fromcommonhands.com
G. W. Mathews www.gwmathews.com
Historic Delights www.historicdelights.com
Hogarth and Sons  
Liberty Linens www.libertylinens.com
Powder Horns by Gerald Dukes  
Raystown Forge  
The Silly Sisters www.sillysisters.com
S. Thomas Bailey www.thegauntletrunner1754.com
The Virginia Floor Cloth & Textiles Company www.virginiafloorcloth.com
White Historic Art www.whitehistoricart.com
Circle M Horns  
Albemarle Arms  
Blacksmoke Forge  
Common Ground Pottery  
Farnsworth & Companie, Potters www.etsy.com/shop/thatpotteryguy
Fort Vause Outfitters www.fortvauseoutfitters.com
From the Heart  
Sanctuary Traders www.sanctuarytraders.com
The Wig Dresser www.TheWigDresser.com
Turkey Foot Trading Co and Forge, LLC www.turkeyfootllc.com
Warrior's Path  
Apple Cart Creations www.applecartcreations.com
Avalon Forge www.avalonforge.com
Barkertown Sutlers www.barkertownsutlers.com
Black Turtle Forge www.blackturtleforge.com
Blue Cat Buttonworks www.bluecatbuttonworks.com
Cordray's Guns  
Frontier Shop  
Handcrafted Baskets  
Hemlock Hollow Floorcloths hemlockhollowfloorcloths.net
Henderson & Vinci Historical Cabinetmakers  
Hoffman's Forge, LLC www.hoffmansforge.com
Ye Honest Brothers  
J. Henderson Stoneware www.jhendersonartifacts.com
Journal of the Early Americas www.journaloftheearlyamericas.com
Mold and Gun Shop  
Red Haw Creek Floorcloths  
Robert G. Stone, Handweaver  
Seams Colonial www.seamscolonial.com
Simple Soapworks www.simplesoapworks.com
SJ Pottery LLC www.sjpottery.com
Storybook Joinery www.storybookjoinery.com
Sweet William's Store  
The Shortbread Exchange Sutlery  
Tiger-Hunt Gunstocks www.gunstockwood.com
Westwood Traders  
Wigmaker of Williamsburg  
Wooden Toys and Boxes  
Catawba Forge  
Das Haus von Shine  
Ft. Downing Trading Co. www.fortdowning.com
Lafayette River Company / Itinerant Band www.itinerantband.com
R & R Toone Field Equipage www.livinghistoryshop.com
Sunsets to Remember  
The Colonial Printer & Bookbindery www.colonialprinter.org
The Mountain Forge www.themountainforge.com
The Powder Smith  
Two Bears Trading www.twobears.com
Wagner's Timepieces  
Westminster Forge www.westminsterforge.com
William Carter Hand Sewn Shirts www.handsewnshirts.webs.com
Woodridge Studio  
Beathe Knives www.beatheknives.com
Allan Sandy Flintlocks  
Clay Smith Guns LLC claysmithguns.com
Couturier de Brodneaux / Children of the Mist  
Ed Long  
John DeWald, Horner & Scrimshander www.pahorner.com
Michael Medeiros  
Pepe's Possibles www.pepespossibles.com
Riverwood Trading www.riverwoodtradingco.com
Fort Northkill Traders  
Amey's Adornments www.ameysadornments.com
Bull Mountain Weaving www.bullmountainweaving.com
By My Hands Enterprises  
Conde Trading www.condetrading.com
Dobyns & Martin, Grocers,
At The Sign of the Sugar Loaf
Fairthorne Pottery  
Flying Canoe Traders www.flyingcanoetraders.com
GG Godwin, Inc. www.gggodwin.com
Harris Maupin Horns  
John Proud  
Larry Callahan Bagmolds & Fine Accoutrements bagmolds.com
Masters in Wrought Iron www.mastersinwroughtiron.com
Najeki Reproductions www.Najecki.com
Patapsco Valley Woodwright  
R. McKinney, 1777  
Shel Browder, Blacksmith  
Soft Wind Speaking www.softwindspeaking.com
Stitches in Tyme  
The Gun Doctor  
Weeping Heart Trade Company www.revwarsupplier.com
West Fork Forge  
Yesteryer yesteryer.com
S. Thomas Bailey - Author www.thegauntletrunner1754.com
Gossville Shoes www.gossvillenh.com
Ver Sacrum perryriley.com
Royal Blue Traders www.royalbluetraders.com
Line And Letter  
The Ribbonry www.ribbonry.com
Dawn Kiilani Hoffman, Metalsmith  
Leonard Day  
Robert Ross  
Hot Dip Tin www.hotdiptin.com
Oxford Earthen Ware Facebiik - Oxford-Earthen-Ware
Augusta Gun Works and Forge KentSmithLongrifles.blogspot.com
The Spieldenner Gallery www.spieldennergallery.com
Sheldon Pewter www.sheldonpewter.com
Ellis River Trading Post Facebook - Ellis River Knife Works
Street Vendors
Harold Heuston (Bagu'e Harold) baguehsh@gmail.com
Lauren Muney (Silhouettes By Hand) silhouettesbyhand@gmail.com
Bridgette McGee of Chillisguaque,
The Bawdy Bootblacker (Leanne Bechdel)
Facebook - Bridgett McGee of Chillisquaque
Katie Cannon’s Craft katiecannonscraft@gmail.com
Fred Will (Cooper: Wooden buckets, &c) barnstar@comcast.net


The Friends of Fort Frederick State Park contributes support to the park by sponsoring educational activities and programs throughout the year, as well as contributing financially to support the park's historical, cultural and administrative needs. Those interested in joining their efforts may contact:

The Friends of Fort Frederick
11115 Fort Frederick Road
Big Pool MD 21711

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